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konkani recipes

In ancient India, knowledge of cooking, like all other branches of knowledge was handed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. It was the duty of every mother to teach her daughter the significance of clean and healthy cooking before giving her away in marriage. Now with changing times in this technological age there is change in the pattern of home life and the disappearance of the joint family. It is essential that both boys and girls now need the knowledge of cooking. Towards this we have put together the basic konkani fare for easy cooking. Please send in your favourite recipes and hints to make cooking easier and quicker for the present generation.

Enjoy the Konkani recipes displayed on our web, if you like it please let us know, if you have any suggestion please do let us know so that we can go on improving.

We also have links to external sites related to Konkani recipes which you will find here.

Sanna Polo - Cabbage Sanna Polo (Kripa Pai - Mumbai)
Pickles, Salads & Chutney 
Brinjal Pickle - How to make Brinjal Pickle (Anonymous)
Karathya Upkari -   (Mrs Prema Shenoy)
Karathya (Karela) Puddi Sagle -   (Mrs Prema Shenoy)
Masolu - Konkani Masolu variety (Sujatha Bhat)
Beans Upkari - Vegetable Accompaniment (Sujatha Bhat)
Dalithoi - A must for a Konkani, with Rice. (Sujatha Bhat)
Vattana Gol - Vattana Gol (Anonymous)
Non Vegetarian 
Methi Chicken - Typical UP style Methi Chicken curry (Sujatha Bhat)
Carrot Cake - Carrot Cake (Dr. Bala Mallya)
Pistachio Cake - Pistachio Cake (Dr. Bala Mallya)

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